Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Geography of Early Seattle Radio

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer last week published a piece I put together about the early history of Seattle's network-affiliated radio stations that included speculation about why the studios were all clustered around the telephone company building downtown. I've been kicking around the theory since I put together a walking tour of old Seattle radio studio locations back in 2003 for MOHAI.

The reader comments following the article — particularly those from someone identified as "FMEng" — provided much valuable additional information, and I received a number of interesting emails from people with similar interests and/or stories to share. Also, readers of a Portland, OR radio blog were equally helpful in correcting errors in the piece and further illuminating the subject. Lastly, a bit at Blatherwatch put up a flattering link and used a title that was so good, I simply had to steal it for the title of this post.