Monday, May 27, 2013

Radio Stuff Podcast

The I STILL Love Radio cubicles were all abuzz this week as editor Feliks Banel (who loves writing about himself in the third person!) appeared on the second episode of the new inside-the-industry themed Radio Stuff podcast.

Right around the 22:00 mark of this episode, hosts Larry Gifford and Deb Slater bring Feliks in for a conversation about the phenomenon that could be called "live broadcasting from the heart of the storm" (a timely topic in the wake of the Oklahoma City tornado last week). As he often does in any conversation (including those NOT about media and/or history), Feliks makes it all about Edward R. Murrow.

And speaking of historic live storm coverage, don't forget the episode of This NOT Just In all about the Pacific Northwest's infamous 1962 Columbus Day Storm.

Whatever the weather forecast is in your locality, be sure and check out Radio Stuff this week and every week. It's a great concept for a podcast, and well worth a listen.