Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Early Alternative Radio in Seattle

Please check out my piece about 1980s Seattle "alternative" (though commercial and, oddly, AM) radio station KJET posted on on September 23, 2009, the 21st anniversary of KJET leaving the air.

Also, be sure and click here for my homemade aircheck of KJET's final moments (which also includes the opening minutes of the "Cool Gold" oldies format that replaced it). Definitely stick with the whole recording until the end--there are some odd gaps and long silences here and there as, I imagine, the "Cool Gold" crew grudgingly played the last of the KJET stuff and figured out how to play their stuff.


  1. Cool Gold was a satellite delivered format from the Satellite Music Network. The format originated from station KOOl AM out of Phoenix, AZ. It was live from KOOL with several openings per hour to insert local commercials. That is probably where the gaps and silences occurred.

  2. Any way I can get this without filling out the scammy survey thin? I'm an ardent KJET collector.