Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BBC World Service Coverage of Egypt Situation

This is a short post to commend the BBC for putting radio to work doing what it does best in its coverage of the developing situation in Egypt: live reports from journalists on the scene, expert analysis from a range of qualified and articulate speakers, and live phone-ins from regular folks around the world.

Good old terrestrial BBC radio broadcasts to Egypt were even more critical a few days ago, when Internet service there was disrupted by the government, leaving Facebook and Twitter off limits and useless.

In many cities around the US, public radio stations carry the BBC on one of their HD subchannels. Via the web, you can get the live BBC World Service radio stream here.

Whatever audio appliance you use, get it now and leave it on to witness aural history as it unfolds once again.


  1. Well said! I have been listening to the BBC since a child of World War 2 in the U.K. What is amazing is that the World Service - which is one of the few reasons that Britain is able to retain any international respect - is constantly being denied the resources to do its job properly.

    And, as you say, what a good job it is doing in its Egypt coverage, and doing so by making excellent use of social networking technologies as well as more traditional sources of information.

    Good old Auntie Beeb, making us all look more rational, level-headed and responsible than we really are..


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