Monday, March 11, 2013

Late, Great Seattle Soul Station KYAC

Here (below) is a short video piece I produced last month for the SEATTLE CHANNEL, profiling Frank P. Barrow, onetime program director and on-air personality for Seattle soul radio station KYAC. The station (on the air from 1965 to 1981) was mentioned in the recent documentary about Seattle's soul music scene Wheedle's Groove.

We spent time with Mr. Barrow at his current gig with KRIZ/KYIZ, and made a visit to the old transmitter site in nearby Kirkland, Washington (now used by KARR).

Special thanks Bill Kossen; Mike Cherry; Tom Reddick; and especially Jason Remington of SeaTacMedia for tracking down and sharing a TON of great KYAC ephemera!


  1. Does anyone remember Mr.Sunday - Greg Collins on KYAC

    1. Yes I do and knew him very well! He was like a brother and a mentor to me!!!!

  2. My name is Christine and I was told by Pastor Patrinell Wright that this was a great place for her to have been. I look forward to speaking to someone soon and asking for an interview. My show, The Confessional Radio Show, is on
    1150 am KKNW. Please contact me at 206.920.3640.
    I also love the fact that I am comment # 222. My DJ name is DJ222!

  3. I miss this wonderful station so much! Found something similar on the Music Channel on Comcast (ch 909), but there's just nothing that can compare to hearing the voices of those wonderful DJ's that we all felt we knew personally.

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