Thursday, May 27, 2010

Behind the Scenes at Record Bin Roulette (VIDEO)

Record Bin Roulette is a four-minute weekly audio broadcast and podcast produced for KPLU-FM by John Kessler and John Maynard.

The two Johns pick a theme for each episode and then delve into their sizable collections of music and other audio (gathered at garage sales and thrift stores) to explore the detritus that is (mostly) American aural pop culture.

Click here for the KPLU Record Bin Roulette schedule; the show is also distributed to select stations across the US, and Kessler and Maynard hope to expand the network in the months and years ahead.

I spent some time with the pair in their Seattle studios this afternoon as they worked on next week's episode (featuring songs about crying). The short video takes a peek behind-the-scenes and illuminates the creative process (and the major ProTools flexing) that brings each episode to life.

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